About Us

We have been working on two ecommerce platforms Magento Commerce and Miva Merchant for quite a few years now. We started with Miva Merchant back in year 2007 but Magento is relatively new. We have been inside this technology for last three years now. We donot take projects in bulk, we take selective projects based ONLY on our avalibility and the level of customizations. If you have a simple project, we may probaby not fit your requirement but will be happy to point ou in the right direction. We love challanges and are constantly loking to explore the untraced ares inside
hese platforms.

The Team

The company started off in a one room set and grew up to have a full team and blah blah blah. The company was leagelly founded in year 2009 an ince then we never looked back. Images of the team members

Third Eye View About Us


Our Values

We are a open company.
No politics whether internal or external. We believe that being honest to ourself, we can do good to our work and or clients. A happy environment inside is reflected to the outside world. “Happy Team make Happy Customers” is our motto.

We are Consultants and not a Sales Company.
We donot have a Sales Team; we have a battery of eCommerce Consultants. They are armed with all the necessary expertise and experience to provide you a right guidance to make a successful jump in the eCommerce domain. You may rightly assume that if we provide them a HTML coding suite, then can code the website for you over the sales call itself.

Active Client Engagement
We have a Testing Team but we try to actively engage the customers into the full life cycle of the project. With an active participation, we are able to deliver a solution that benifit the customers more than what any standard delivery process can deliver.

Partnerships & Certifications

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